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Nick Hoyt


Week #18-19

1/19 -1/29

1 and a half hour classes and 4 one hour long classes

Total: 101 hours


The first week was midterm week so I was not able to do any work out of school because I was studying for my midterms.  On the 20th we had the IR midterm and I worked for an hour an a half on multiple things.  I worked some more on all my forms that were due for the midterms.  I also worked on updating my portfolio with the new forms.  I was able to finish 2 more annotated bibliographies but is till have a lot more that I have too do.  I have a bunch of sources that I have used in my research but I have not annotated yet that I will have to annotate soon.  In the second week it was also hard to work since it was right after a 3 day weekend and on Wednesday we were kicked out of the media center.  This week was also the week after midterms so I was still tired from the previous week.  I was able to work some more on my annotated bibliographies and I also got in contact with my advisor again. 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.