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Nick Hoyt


Week #27-30


15 hour long classes, and 5 hours out of school, and 6 hours at the SLC

Total: 163 hours


            This was the first week I was returning to class so I was able to get back to my work.  The second week was spring break so I did more work out of school to finish my paper.  I sent a copy of my paper to my advisor and asked him to read it.  Once I finished my paper I also worked on my virtual abstract.  My virtual abstract had to be completed in the following week that we returned to school so we could add sound.  I was able to finish it by Thursday and started to add sound.  While doing the sound I figured out that it was harder than it looked.   I messed up a lot and had to restart on many slides. On the following Tuesday we had to turn it in to the hand in folder so that it could be used at the Glenelg presentation conference on the Wednesday night.  That Friday was also the SLC conference and we went and saw a bunch of different presentations. The first presentation I saw was on diamonds for engineers.  This presentation was really boring but had a lot of information.  The second presentation was about sport players and the press using Twitter.  This presentation was really good and really interesting.   The third presentation I saw was about designing a satellite to go around the sun.  It was interesting because it would use solar energy and would be the closest to the sun ever recorded.  The performing arts section was also really fun and really cool.  I really liked the Chinese yoyo guy.  These weeks went by really fast and I was able to get a lot of work done.  I now have to catch up on my annotated bibliographies as I have many sources that I still have not annotated.  I also need to update my portfolio.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.