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Nick Hoyt


Week #31


9 hour long classes, and 1 hour out of school

Total: 173 hours


            In the first week I started to organize my profile on hcpssgt.digitation.com as well as try to get in contact with my advisor.  I had previously sent him my paper as well as my virtual abstract to look over the content.  He finally replied in my second week and I got a lot of good information as well as feedback about my paper and virtual abstract.  In the second week I also set the goal to start to make corrections on my paper as well as working on my annotated bibliographies.  This week I started on my paper and made a few corrections but I was not able to get that far.  In working on my annotated bibliographies I was able to finish a couple more but I am still a long way from my goal of 32 by the end of the year.  I have all the sources in which I used for my paper but I have not annotated them yet.  I am hoping to get them all annotated in the next few weeks. 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.