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Nick Hoyt


Week #5


4 hour long classes, 2 hour out of school

Total:  25 hours


During this week I was able to do more research and get started on my portfolio.  On Tuesday Mr. Ashcraft and Ethan showed us the new portfolios that we are using this year.  I was able to set up my portfolio and put up my journals as well as my annotated bibliographies on my site.  This week I was also able to do research out of class and I finished two more annotated bibliographies.  This week went by pretty quickly and I feel like I am getting good background information.  For next week I think that I will have to organize all my information and get questions together to ask to my possible advisor.   I plan on talking to him and getting in contact with him to be my advisor by the middle of next week.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.