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Nick Hoyt


Week #6


5 hour long classes

Total:  30 hours


During this week I was not able to reach all my goals of last week.  During this week I started with doing more research in the field of solar energy.  On Tuesday we had to go use the lab tops which were extremely slow so I was not able to get that much work done.  This week I was also able to send an email to one of the head administrators of the NREL (National Renewable Energy Lab).   I have not heard a reply yet so by next week my goal is to either send him another email or to get in contact with another possible advisor that I have in mind.  Another goal that I have for next week is to get more annotated bibliographies done.  Last week Mr. Ashcraft had showed me the cogito website and on their upcoming events.  There is an upcoming solar decathlon which is a bunch of college students from different schools make a full self sufficient house that runs completely on solar energy.   I have talked to my parents and I plan to go up on Sunday to see all the houses and see who I can meet in the field of solar energy.  This week seemed to go by pretty quickly because I was distracted some because this week is a really big football game.  We are 5-0 and we are playing River Hill who is like our rivals.  This week I was able to get some work done but next week I plan to do more.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.