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Wilde Maps is a web based Java applet that provides incoming freshman and transfer students to Wilde Lake High School with an easy to use interactive interface for finding directions between rooms in the high school. The applet provides a map of the school and the ability to select either a starting and ending location or input an entire schedule of classes. The applet then displays both a line showing the route between the classrooms and a set of written directions which can be shown as a printable version. The user can also interact directly with the maps simply by clicking on classrooms and dragging the map to view different parts of the map.



  • Ability to enter either two rooms or an entire schedule to see directions for.
  • Interactive visual map and written directions.
  • A printable version of the directions.

Technical Details:

  • Built in Java SE 1.5
  • Uses the Swing GUI library
  • Pathfinding using Dijkstra's algorithm for shortest pathfinding in a weighted graph.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.