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Tim Sumpter

Independent Research II


Part I


•  What specific area(s) within the field will be investigated, researched and/or studied?


The computer science field, specifically coding using the Java programming language, will be studied and applied through the building of a program.


•  How will knowledge or ability in the field be acquired, developed, and demonstrated through the year?


Knowledge in this area will be gained through two main methods. One is through formal classes, the Computer Science III AP class offered at Glenelg High School. The other method is through the study of various print and non-print sources, all to be cited. This knowledge will be applied through the construction of a large, multi-class program.


•  What will be the product(s) and/or outcome(s) of the internship?


The product of this study will be a mobile application for use on one’s phone that will allow the user to locate an object, such as a teacher at a school or lightbulbs at a hardware store. The program will display a may of the location, and a route to the object.


•  What proven need will be addressed?  What real problem will be solved?  What question will be researched?


This program will increase the ease with which people will be able to locate an object, thus addressing the needs of someone in an unfamiliar building.


•  What is the intended audience for the project?  Who, other than the student, will learn or benefit as a result of the work?  To whom will the outcomes be communicated? For whom is the product or result intended? 


The intended audience and those who will benefit from this project is the general public, anyone who owns and uses a cell phone.


•  Will the audience be local, state or national?   Note:  The mentor, the student, and the  program coordinator should not be the only audience.


The audience will be national.


•  How will the product and outcomes be communicated to or performed for the selected  audience?  What will be the outlet vehicle? 


It will be available to the public through their cell carriers, and will have the ability to be downloaded to one’s cell phone.


•  What resources will be required for the project? (human, print, organizations, media)

Human resources (my advisor), a java reference book, and various internet sites will be needed.


•  What are the special considerations of the project? (cost, materials, equipment,      transportation, special permission, printing/distribution)


This project requires a computer with a working java development environment. This need has already been addressed.


Part II


•  What is the tentative schedule and timeline for completing the project?  What major goals will be accomplished during each marking period?


Mid to Late January- Finished with Code Design

Mid May- Finished with the application

Early June- posting of the application on a web page, made ready for use by the general public

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.