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Welcome to my 2010-11 mentorship research portfolio. My name is Tobi Fadiran; I'm a junior this year at Glenelg High School. This year I am researching alternative energy and related professional opinion, especially in regards to the 2009 American Recovery Act. Last year I focused on one alternative energy in particular - hydrogen energy and the industry; this year's project is an extension and expansion of last year's.


My mentor is Ms. Amanda Greene, a strategic technology consultant at the Columbia branch of energy consulting firm Energetics Incorporated. I have been working with her since August 2010.


I've been in the Independent Research/Mentorship Program at Glenelg since I started high school. As a freshman, I explored green residential architecture. As a sophmore, I decided to move in a different direction and examined hydrogen energy. If you'd like to view these projects, I've inserted links below.

2009-10 Independent Research Portfolio

2008-2009 Independent Research Portfolio

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